What can a Seniors Club do?

  • Encourage members to become aware of the advantages and satisfaction of using computing technology.
  • Empower members by providing tuition in computing skills.
  • To increase self-esteem and independence in members.


Why a Seniors Computing club?

  • Many seniors have been given hand me down computers from their children and were placed in a situation of not being able to use the technology.

  • Many seniors prefer to be taught by people of a similar age group. They want to learn specific tasks and not undertake a course of information that may or may not be of use to them.

  • As confidence and skills develop, many members reinforce their learning process through assisting others.


What is so great about our Seniors Computing club?
  • Experience shows that many seniors can be hesitant in their attempts to use computing technology.

  • This is where our Club for seniors provide an excellent solution - it provides a friendly and non-threatening environment.

  • New members gain confidence in using the computer technology.



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